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Martial Arts

WingTjun martial arts is one of the most recognised forms of self defence around today. Taught to many of Elite Agencies and special forces around the world, including the CIA and FBI. Enrol now for 2 weeks free training.

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WingTjun martial arts is taught to adults and children in Hemel Hempstead from ages 4 and above. Our martial art is one of the most effective forms of self defence you can learn today. It's taught to the special forces around the world. Our grading program take you through, kicking, punching, knees, elbows, anti-grappling, ground fighting. Advanced forms: Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Tze and the WingTsun Wooden Dummy.

Martial Arts Hemel Hempstead

WingTjun kung fu borrows the strength the uses it against the attacker, making it a difficult to land a punch or kick..
  • aYou have the benefits of being part of the IWKA (Internal Wisdom & Knowledge Association) One of the biggest organisations in the world with schools in over 18 countries worldwide.
  • bAt Martial Arts Hemel Hempstead we have a full grading syllabus for adults and children, which will take you through student grades to master levels.
  • cRegular seminars in the UK and Europe. 2 Weeks FREE training is available, contact martial arts Hemel Hempstead on 0780 983 9527 Or email to enrol

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